23 October, 2011

The Strange Thing Is...

The strange thing is that most of my friends and many of my acquaintances are under the false impression that I am very computer suave. Sure, I've been at this a long time, but that does not mean that I necessarily know what I am doing.

What my friends do not realise is that sooooo often my son receives calls from me similar, truly, similar to these spoken on Byran's voicemail,

Dearest Long Suffering Son of Mine, thank you for your amazing patience when it comes to all the troubleshooting you have done over the years. Thank you for sending the link of the video above to your mother.

I don't know if there was any hint-hint-nudge-nudge intended... even if, you message well taken.


  1. I'm the geek in my circle and, while I mostly don't mind helping, I get annoyed with people who don't follow my advice on what not to do or keep having problems because they don't do routine maintenance.

  2. That's soooooo funny. If I didn't have G around, I'd sound just like that. LOL