30 October, 2011

As Time Passes Quietly

Dear Sister, Dear Friend, and to
Those of Us who remember... days
Of hopeful anticipation, butterflies,
That prickling sensation, those
Moments before flight, when there
Was air under my feet, oh the joy,
Oh the lightness of breath… stepping
Forward into an adventure. Knowing
I'd never really know, but still...
Leaping, prancing, twirling with
Abandon, because life was spring
All was new and my spirit was free.

Now my dreams are muffled in
Coats of daily challenges, whether
Fair or not, it does not matter,
Really, truly, they do not define my
Self. Time slowly, quietly dances
Amongst the leaves of such splendor,
Such sublime lightness. The falling.
Who would have known? Certainly not
Me of the past. Thank God for that.


  1. Hope you can read french... 62 years old, et une petite fille de quatorze ans qui nage en groupe. Une épouse qui, en voyant ceci, se dit qu'elle pourrait le faire aussi... Thank you for that. And thank you god for the rest.
    The colour of the happiness , for instance...

  2. La Notice, lovely, thank you for sharing the image of a young girl swimming in a pool with others, and your elder husband (perhaps), tells her to follow along... ah, the colour of happinesss..

    It has been so long ago that I spoke French, but it is so dear to see the words again.

  3. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Wonderful poem!