19 October, 2005

Heart to Heart

Last night Sara and I were having a heart-to-heart talk about life and death and why there is so much suffering in the world. (For those of you who feel this is not necessarily a topic that a ten year old needs to discuss before bedtime, it is Her Topic, not mine. A friend of hers told her about a boy in her class who had died of brain cancer last year.)

It was a rather teary and sad discussion needless to say. We twisted and turned around many aspects of these topics until she came to the conclusion that she just feels so bad that other children are suffering. My advice was to say, “If you don’t want to feel bad, then obviously you want to find a way to feel good. Maybe you can do this by doing something good”. So, she said she is going to make another drawing for Busayo today and promptly fell asleep.

How I wish all of such discussions could be resolved so easily.

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