07 October, 2005

Freezing our Butts off in a Outdoor Café

Long talk with a friend today. We met for a cup of tea and then stayed on and on discussing relationships and whether or not it is possible to ask a friend or a family member to redefine the relationship. Is it possible to ask an old friend how she sees our friendship? What it is that she wants? What it is that she gives? And what to do when this is just not enough?

These are titbits of what I took away from the conversation today:

  • Sometimes I agonise about some development in a relationship, wanting to believe that it can be made whole again, but subconsciously, I know that this is no longer possible
  • Authoritativeness and authenticity evolve from a common strength
  • Theoretically, it is possible to speak truly and honestly. Practically, it is a hard thing to do even some of the time
  • To share the minute details of your woes with a friend and not listen to, or want, any advice, is taking advantage of that person

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