03 January, 2016

5 Things... better and worse...

I'm a great fan of Stephan Dubner and James Altucher's podcast, Question of the Day. Its short, sassy, and, at times, rather provocative episodes are fun to listen to.

My son recently asked the family one of their recent questions:

What are the 5 things you do better than most people and what are the 5 things you do worse than most people?

Here are my answers:

Better than most

  • draw or make simple visualisations
  • remember stories people have told me
  • a master at small talk (or getting people to tell stories)
  • good at making and keeping friends
  • finding a simple solution to a complex problem
Worse than most
  • singing
  • absolutely no sense of direction
  • can not multitask
  • great at worrying too much
  • letting go of things that I need to distance myself from

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