30 June, 2012

One Classy Dame

I discovered this video on Ronni's blog today. What a delight. I love Rita Hayworth. And thank you, whoever you are, who spent the endless hours figuring out what films and what parts of the choreography best suited the song. Doesn't it make your toes tingle?


  1. And she got to dance with all the really cool boys!!!!! LOL

  2. Wow, and here I am. After years of not being able to leave you notes, I switched browsers. Obviously, I should have done this sooner.

    Yes, this was better than WOW...we both loved it.

  3. Kay, yes, I did notice her pretty impressive dance partners!

    MAge, oh, how wonderful it is to have you back with your comments. I knew you were reading my ever dwindling number of posts, but it is much better knowing you can write.

  4. And I featured Fred, Ginger & Rita video today -- stop by and smile!