13 December, 2011

Canada, shame on you

I am Canadian. I haven't lived in Canada for nearly 30 years, so I admit it may be inappropriate for me to speak as a "true Canadian".

Still, this news make me sad as a Canadian living overseas. I have lived in a European country that believed and worked towards compliance towards a betterment of ecological and economical consciousness. The Kyoto Agreement was the first demonstrative effort to build collective momentum on the issue of climate change. Not perfect. Not even monumental in its goals. Yet, it was a very good first step.

Is this just one more step Canada has taken in admitting their unwillingness to stand up to the larger forces that be (the USA)? Or, is it just a sign of a ineffectual government that is incapable of showing any backbone in the global political market?

What a shame...


  1. I agree! It's an embarrassment to those of us Canadians who feel climate change is happening and will soon be beyond our control if we don't change.

  2. Thanks, Marja-Leena, just had a long discussion with my daughter. Even tough she is disappointed, she doesn't feel that Canada retreating from a lost cause is necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't mean Canada won't be constructive in its policies in the future. I guess I see things more black and white.