09 March, 2011

Strictly Ballroom Vibes

Well, the opening was last night. Went well overall. Friends and family attended. A few dear friends couldn't come who had wanted to come, but life happens. Sorry they missed the occasion. Think they would have been proud of me trying my best to mingle. Not my forte.

At one point, I was sure that the event had been going for three or four hours. I looked at a friend's watch upside-down and saw that only two-and-a-half hours had passed. I told her we could probably start packing up and trying to get the guests to leave. She mentioned only one-and-a-half hours had gone by and it would be better to let the guest linger a bit longer. Torture.

Feeling very relieved no longer to be in the limelight. Lovely to know how kindly people take to the collages. Even those who do not know me. Who would have thought?

On another note... don't you just tremble in anticipation for the film to show? Seriously, I can almost feel "Strictly Ballroom" vibes in my bones.


  1. Anonymous8:06 am

    So glad to hear your opening went well. Your collages are stunning and deserve much praise!

  2. Wonderful! Well, that should tell you it's ok to get out and about with your camera a bit more. LOL No more hiding under the nearest rock. Your stuff is really good. Hold that chin up and smile....they loved you.

    And we loved the preview. I will keep an eye out for the film. Thank you.

  3. How wonderful! I'm so glad it went well. I find mingling quite difficult, so I understand about how time seems to crawl!