10 November, 2006

Fickle Nature

Oh, I’ve got something to confess. This gal is as fickle as fickle as can be.

Not, having a television, I’m a late bloomer to the DWTS (Dance With The Stars) fan club. Surprising really since Nomad Son has been ballroom dancing for over two years now. Nevertheless, better late than never.

So, here’s the scoop: I’ve recently been trying to decide whether Mario (here and here), with is sexy loose hips, is better than Emmitt (here and here), with his amazing sense of confidence and fun. Hips, fun, hips, fun… and then enters Mark Ramprakash in Strictly Come Dancing (here and here). Oh, the silent type… inside of twenty-minutes of youtubing (new verb here in the making) this gal with a fickle nature has decided Mark, the cricket player, has my vote.

What do you think? After seeing Mark, doesn’t Mario come off as a bit slick? Emmitt is still powerfully sexy, but, thank heavens, Mark is not only having fun, he also has those slinky hips.

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